Google Family Link is committed to create a child account with many features parental control

Create a Google account officially you can only when you reach the age of 13. Of course, check out the real age of the system can not, but technically these are the rules.

Now the search giant has made it possible to create a child account. It is necessary to use the application Family Link. Thus created the child account will have a parental control.

The parent is able to track many parameters for the use of mobile devices by child. Here and time display, and information about running applications and graphics time of the smartphone, and so on. In addition, the adult has the ability to set limits, like time going to sleep, allow or prevent the installation of a particular application. There is even the possibility of complete blocking of child smartphone.

There are some nuances. First, for this to work, you need to have your child use the smartphone with Android OS Nougat, which is installed on only a few percent of Android devices. Secondly, now the Family Link is available by invitation only, and only for residents of the United States. Third, when the registration will have to pay 30 cents. This is a simple way of verifying that the adult creates the child account.



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