Google extended warranty on smartphones Pixel 2 to two years and responded to user complaints

Recall that the first buyers of Google smartphones Pixel 2 complained of unpleasant sounds coming from the earpiece, and the owners of Pixel XL 2 reported «burnout» OLED display.

Google has published an official statement in which Vice-President Mario Queiroz (Mario Queiroz) announced that first, all buyers smartphone Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 get two-year warranty.

Second, Google claims that the speed of degradation led display Pixel XL 2 is no worse and no better displays installed in other flagship smartphones. However, Google is planning to release an update that will prevent the «fading» of the display Pixel XL 2, slightly reducing the maximum brightness of the screen and adding the mode of disappearance of the navigation bar. In addition, the smartphones Pixel 2 has got a new color mode, which makes colors more vivid.

Thirdly, in the near future will be released an update that will eliminate the sounds from the speaker. As a temporary solution you can disable the NFC module.



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