Google eventually turned the app in two: Meet Hangouts and Hangouts Chat

Some time ago formed a situation in which Google Hangouts were, in fact, without the need of the company. First in the list of mandatory apps Android it was replaced by the Duo, and then the search giant announced the closure API for Hangouts in April. However, then said that this app Google has new plans.

And they announced. Now this represents two collective communications designed to help customers of the product G Suite. New tools Meet called Hangouts and Hangouts Chat.

They work together to provide different possibilities of communication of groups of people among themselves, but each is responsible for their aspects. Hangouts Chat is exactly what you might think from the title. Is a chat, enabling users to exchange messages. Has deep integration into the G Suite that allows you to have access to work files directly from the chat.

Hangouts, the Meet is responsible for video conferencing. And here it is interesting that man does not have to use it to join a particular conference. It is sufficient to obtain the desired link. Accordingly, the function is not tied to any platform and runs on any.

As a result, you can see that with Hangouts, Google has done the same, with both applications and Allo Duo: split the service into two apps, one for text messaging and the other is for video calls.



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