Google Drive makes it easy to migrate data from iPhone to a smartphone running the Android OS

Google has updated its Google Drive service, then iPhone users who have purchased a smartphone running Android OS, has become even easier to migrate your data to your new device.

Especially for this also we have launched a new page (link at the end of the news), which describes in detail the procedure of transferring the list of contents, calendar entries, photos and videos.

First you need to download the Google Drive app in the App Store, then create a Google account, go Menu > Settings > Backup and select the data to copy. Google recommends to do a backup when iPhone is connected to a charger and has a connection to a Wi-Fi network as up, depending on the amount of data may take several hours. In addition, for the correct operation of the application Google Drive should remain running on the screen.

After copying the data, just go with Android devices under same Google account, and all information will be available on the new device. Also, iPhone owners must not forget to disable iMessage.



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