Google Clip camera with its own artificial intelligence system that will decide who and when to shoot

At yesterday’s Google event, the company unveiled not only smartphones. Among the many innovations were, for example, camera Google Clp.

This is a rather unusual device, as it differs from the present products on the market. The fact that Clip — smart camera. And in this case, in fact, literally, as the basis of the model is the system of artificial intelligence IQ Moment .

Its task is to determine the situations when you want to record a short video Clip. And to do this the camera will, when in the shot for her familiar faces or Pets.

Google is positioning the camera in the first place as a home device. Apparently, the main usage scenario is the entry of children and animals. As they are the most interesting usually happens when there are no adults or when to capture the moment no one has time, this camera will do everything itself.

Of course, on the camera there is a button for handheld shooting, but easier to use a smartphone.

The camera itself is equipped with 16 GB flash memory where you will store all the videos. Also in the asset novelties adapters, wireless interfaces, battery that will last for 3 hours, the USB-C port for charging, lens with 130-degree viewing angle and the ability to record video with a frequency of 15 fps. Why was it implemented the latter restriction, it is unclear as this may scare off many potential buyers. The Clip dimensions are 48.3 x 53,3 mm. For interfacing with the camera need a device running Android 7.0 or higher.

It remains to add that Google Clip is worth a considerable $ 250, so it is unlikely that the device will be popular. On the other hand, most likely, Google does not expect to sell the new product in large volumes. It’s more like a test flight in a new direction.



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