Google Chrome has learned to reduce power consumption, effectively controlling the operation of background tabs

The developers of the Chrome browser shared the news, which will please users of this program on mobile devices. Starting with version 57, the browser will more effectively slow down background tabs, which should reduce power consumption and increase battery life.

Note that the browser slows down long background tab, but the new mechanism will allow to do it more effectively by limiting tab loading has a stronger processor. At the same time, Chrome will not interfere with tabs on which the sound is produced or used in connection with real-time, such as WebSocket or WebRTS. It is argued that the implementation of the new algorithm has already resulted in a quarter to reduce the number of background tabs, which load CPU. In the future, the perfect solution for background tabs were complete and stop processing of background requests using the new API. According to the developers, they are moving in this direction.

Source: Chromium blog


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