Google can’t seem to fix the problem with the loudspeaker of the smartphone Google Pixel XL

Yesterday we told how mark Buckman (Buckman Mark) tested five smartphones Google Pixel X, to find that all of them are incorrect operation of the loudspeaker.

Manager, public relations team Pixel acknowledged that they continue to study the issue, promising to publish fresh information as it appears. It would be logical to expect the release of firmware that will resolve the problem.

But then mark Bachman received a letter from the technical support of Google, which the owner offered to just return the smartphone to the store and get my money back. Google didn’t even offer the man a new smartphone Google Pixel, because it seems that the company is not sure that it does not manifest the same problem. In other words, he offered to buy a smartphone from another manufacturer.

It is unclear whether to wait for the release firmware after the appearance of such information.



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