Google and Uber will bring together businesses online taxi in Russia and neighboring countries

Directions Google and Uber that are associated with online orders trips to Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan will be United in a common company. The sides signed a corresponding agreement.

Under the agreement, Uber and Yandex invests $ 225 million and $ 100 million respectively in the new company, estimated at 3,725 billion. Following the transaction, Yandex will receive 59.3% of the new company, Uber is 36.6%. The remaining 4.1% of the company will be owned by its employees. The head of the new company will become the CEO of Yandex.Taxi Tigran Khudaverdyan.

On the extent of the merger of the statistics, according to which the combined company will be covering 127 cities in six countries. In one only the previous month it had made 35 million trips in the amount of 7.9 billion rubles.

From the point of view of users nothing will change after the merger as before, for the order of the trips will be available app Yandex.Taxi and Uber. But the drivers will be merged into a single platform that will allow them to receive orders from Yandex.Taxi and Uber in the same application. It is assumed that such a merger will significantly increase the number of available machines, while reducing waiting and idle mileage.

The merger has been approved by the boards of Directors of Uber and Yandex. The closing of the transaction expected in the fourth quarter of 2017, subject to obtaining the usual in such cases, regulatory approval.

Source: Yandex


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