Google and HTC are at an advanced stage of negotiations regarding the acquisition or a strategic partnership

Some time ago, the Network appeared rumors that Google may acquire HTC. And the rumors are getting more evidence.

Sources say that HTC and Google are already at an advanced stage of negotiations regarding the takeover. Note that it is only the business of manufacturing smartphones, not the whole company. That is, the situation is the same as was in the case of Motorola. However, then the search giant was interested in a huge patent portfolio. In the case of HTC, and probably Google are more interested in manufacturing and extensive experience in the design of future devices.

Other than buying Google is considering a strategic partnership, that is, a final decision still had not been accepted. When a deal could be struck, the source said.

We should note that the August was the worst for HTC for 13 years. The revenue of the producer fell by more than half. This means that the flagship U11, unfortunately, couldn’t save HTC.



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