Google already refuses a steering wheel and pedals for unmanned aerial vehicles

In September last, Google has stated that the company works in partnership with automotive companies, but she is not planning its own production of cars.

Recent information published by The Information indicates that the company continues to work on the project of an unmanned vehicle, which goes under the internal name of the Chauffeur. Changed ambitions: the company adjusted the original plan, according to which the cars of the future should not be a steering wheel and pedals. Probably, they decided to leave in case of breakdowns and to ensure that people can, if desired, to control an unmanned vehicle in the usual way.

The source adds that Google has partnered with well-known brands, providing them with technologies for new unmanned vehicles. In addition, until the end of 2017 in the United States will launch a taxi service, which will operate self-driving cars Google.

In October of this year, it was announced that an Autonomous electric car Google drove offline for more than 2 million miles.



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