Google acquired part of the staff of HTC and license to the intellectual property of this company

Yesterday we reported today that HTC and Google may announce the acquisition of search giant parts of the smartphone maker.

The deal really happened, although it was somewhat unusual. In a press release said that under the agreement some employees of HTC who are already working with Google on smartphones Pixel, will join the search giant. Also Google will have a non-exclusive license to the intellectual property of HTC.

The amount of the transaction is $ 1.1 billion. To complete its plan in early next year.

For HTC, which is currently not in the best position, this transaction will allow us to continue to work and try to fix your financial situation. Google, first, receives a number of highly skilled professionals with experience in the development of smartphones. Second, non-exclusive license of intellectual property HTC will allow Google to reduce the costs of developing the following smartphone models that will be created with the participation of HTC.



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