Goodbye, Vertu. The company put the remains of the property, including smartphones, up for auction

The development of the smartphone market has drastically changed our world. Among other things, it eventually had an impact on the demand for luxury vehicles. If previously the presence of a very expensive mobile phone could be considered a demonstration of the status of the owner, the date, the function of smartphones are practically atrophied.

This is clearly seen as Vertu phones which previously was firmly associated with success. We will remind, last month the company had to liquidate production in the UK and lay off 200 employees.

Now it became known that Vertu was put up for auction the remains of his property, including smartphones. Thus, the Signature model with alligator skin and 18-carat gold, which in normal times was sold for 19 000 dollars, put up for auction with a starting price of $ 1,500. In addition, exposed for sale 105 phones were exhibits in a private Museum Vertu. More precisely, all 105 of phones, some of which is concepts, and often does not work, submitted in one lot with a starting price of $ 26,000.

In addition, among the lots you can find something more original. For example, a bronze statue of a horse, the rider which holds the logo of Vertu as a weapon.



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