Golden manicure 2018: fashionable design and combinations with other colors

The metallic effect returns to marigold fashionistas. If before the glittering was considered geeky, the new season without him, no cost, no nail design. Replaced the pastel shades come more rich and deep: dark gray, black, brown, garnet, Burgundy, etc. Complemented the gold glitter this manicure ceases to be dark and gray.

Fashionistas need to catch the line that will allow you to create unique Golden manicure without fanciful patterns and ornaments. He will hit the shimmer and richness of shades. This effect is achieved by the use of lustrous shimmer and glitter.

How to make gold nail designs: ideas and techniques

With the means by which you can make gold plating on nails? Solid metallic Polish too ordinary and boring, so let’s take the «arms» all the achievements of modern nail design that allow you to create a unique manicure.


A varnish with glitter to create a variety of cover with unique effects, which always looks different. For example, a varnish resembling liquid metal. After applying on the nail, it acquires a matte Golden hue, similar to the layers of this steel.

For fashionistas who do not want to attract attention to their nails too much attention, while aspiring to be a trend, I advise you to use lacquers with shimmer. They create a soft delicate coverage with a subtle glow.

Lucky glitter, on the contrary, if specially created to ensure that your manicure did not go unnoticed. Looks like Polish with small and large grains. The Golden hue makes this nail design nobility and exquisite beauty.

A scattering of glitter

Loose glitter is the most practical solution for fashionistas who are free to decide how much light you need them marigolds. Using a conventional lacquer glitter, this effect is difficult to achieve, especially if you want to cover the entire surface of the nail.

In this case, for a richer Golden hue will have to cover the nail with several layers, and the use of glitter, just sprinkle finger loose.


The technique is widely known thanks to the popularity of mirrored nails. To repeat this effect at the professional level is difficult, but a resourceful nail-masters found a way to create a reflective coating. To do this, use the mirror dust, particles which are so small that when applied resemble Stardust.


The powder is applied by stirky in the varnish base in which it is structured and creates a gorgeous metallic effect.

Stylish the idea of a gold manicure 2018

Every fashionista wants to meet the trends that are flashed on the pages of fashion magazines. Golden manicure allows you to get as close to the delightful trends and surprise spectacular decoration of their nails, men, work colleagues and just people around.

Golden manicure – the choice is brave and determined girls for whom being the center of attention everyday situation. For prudes nail masters offer a more restrained ideas with the use of Golden elements – glitter, sequin, etc.

Manicure black with gold

The combination of black and gold – the undisputed favorite in 2018. The harmonious combination of these colors for centuries was considered a sign of wealth, luxury and prosperity. Today, this Duo can only afford a bold and passionate woman.

The base color is black, gold is used to accent selected parts of the nail – root, or hole edge. Very expressive looks black manicure, in which the ring finger is decorated with a metal shade.

This combination is applicable all known techniques of nail design – French, lunar, Ombre with a smooth transition of black and gold sequins. This manicure looks elegant and at the same time restrained.

Red manicure with gold in 2018

Bright red nail Polish looks great on nails of young beauties. More saturated colors – claret, garnet is more suitable for women older. Combined with the Golden red colour looks chic and stylish.

Classic red nail art is a manicure in the technique of French manicure with nail plate red and Golden decoration tips varnish or glitter.

You can show imagination and to create unique nail art using glitter or rhinestones to create one whole composition and intricate patterns.

Burgundy shades are perfectly combined with delicate gold patterns. On the nail, draw a thin wavy lines that make nails more delicate and delicious.

Manicure white gold

It is difficult to imagine a more delicate and noble combination than white with gold. It looks impressive and stylish, this nail art will not remain without the enthusiastic views of others.

The best technique for this Union, Ombre, with this as the base color with white, a Golden hue is decorated with a basal hole. Despite the saturation in the manicure will not be superfluous ornaments, rhinestones, sparkle .

Manicure gold and blue

Blue is the color of confidence, and gold for prosperity and success. The combination of these shades is obtained exquisite and noble manicure.

Use as a base blue color, as Golden adornments – sequins, glitter, foil, stripes, rhinestones, etc.

Looks incredibly stylish nail design is made with Egyptian ornaments and paintings on the blue background. To draw these patterns yourself or use ready-made nail art.

Want to create on your nails starry sky, then a combination of blue and gold – what you need. Use ready to use paint with glitter of different size, apply it on nails in several layers.

Keep in mind that blue is quite a cold shade, it goes well with a limited amount of colors and decorations, the wrong choice which can spoil the appearance of the coating and to deprive him of his appeal.

If you considered the Golden color is too geeky, then in the first stages replace it with pastel shades. The closest to a Golden gray color, which also goes well with blue, red and black.

Golden manicure fits all, however, every fashionista herself determines the number of gold that you want her marigolds. Combine this noble shade with only those colors listed above and your manicure will always look elegant and unique.

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