GM and Softbank invest in the company Nauto, develops software for self-driving cars

General Motors and Softbank Group is among investors young company Nauto, develops software for self-driving cars.

This week concluded the second round of funding Nauto, during which managed to raise $ 159 million. The largest amount of this time invested by Softbank and investment company Greylock Partners. Earlier investors included the carmakers BMW and Toyota Motor, as well as the German insurance company Allianz. A total of Nauto hopes to raise $ 1 billion.

Feature Nauto is specialized only on software — this approach involves less cost compared to an integrated approach that includes the development of hardware. In most Nauto sure that the hardware is much better, the automaker with the necessary experience.

The developers expect that the first self-driving cars on the newly invented software platform will appear on the roads in 2020.

Source: Reuters


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