Globalfoundries offers embedded eMRAM memory in 22-nanometer chips

Nonvolatile magnetoresistive memory is gradually making its way into electronic devices. Globalfoundries announced the possibility to integrate embedded memory eMRAM in the chip, manufactured on 22-nanometer technology 22FDX (FD-SOI).

The memory of the eMRAM on the write speed and durability 1000 times greater than modern non-volatile memory. Cell technology 22FDX, store data at a temperature of 260°C, that is, the chip will be able to withstand soldering and operation in industrial temperature range.

Built-in memory eMRAM can be used for storing programs and as RAM, simultaneously replacing a flash memory or SRAM. High energy efficiency FDX and eMRAM, coupled with the ability to integrate RF circuits do 22FDX ideal platform for the circuitry of IoT devices with a battery backup. Another priority area of application 22FDX named issue of microcontrollers for cars.

The manufacturing of prototypes for third-party orders will be available in 2017 and serial production of chips with eMRAM technology 22FDX in Globalfoundries expects to deploy in 2018.

Source: Globalfoundries



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