Globalfoundries is expanding, investing in facilities located in four countries

Globalfoundries announced the expansion of production. It is noteworthy that the contract manufacturer of semiconductor products, having facilities in different countries, plans to invest simultaneously in the United States, Germany, China and Singapore. The specific amount the manufacturer does not name, but the plans are quite impressive.

In the U.S. the company plans to expand the Fab 8 manufacturing, which manufactures products to 14-nanometer technology FinFET, 20%. The commissioning of new capacities into operation is planned for early 2018. Factory in new York state will remain an advanced manufacturing Globalfoundries. In the second quarter of 2018, is to begin production according to the norms of 7 nm.

In Germany, at the Dresden factory Fab 1 will be expanded 22-nanometer manufacturing FD-SOI (22FDX). By 2020 the productivity needs to increase by 40%. In addition, local engineers develop the next-generation technology 12FDX. The transfer of the production of the first orders calculated on this technology is scheduled for mid-2018.

In China, the company Globalfoundries is going to build a factory, designed for 300-millimeter wafer. In this factory is planned to process 22FDX. The production company should begin in 2018.

Finally, the factory in Singapore planned to be increased by 35% the production of 40-nanometer products using 300-millimeter wafers. At the same time will increase the release of 180-nanometer production capacity, designed for 200-mm plates. In addition, the planned expansion of its capacity, producing goods according to the technology of RF-SOI.

Source: Globalfoundries



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