Globalfoundries introduced the 12-nanometer technology platform FD-SOI

Globalfoundries introduced the 12-nanometer technology platform, built using a fully depleted silicon-on-insulator (FD-SOI). Platform 12FDX continues the direction set in last year’s 22-nanometer platform 22FDX. According to the manufacturer, 12FDX suitable for the production of semiconductor products for mobile devices, equipment, networks 5G and other applications, where the demand for the optimal balance between performance, power consumption and cost.

We will remind, the technology of FD-SOI is positioned as an alternative to FinFET. Assessment Globalfoundries, 12FDX will provide the same performance as the 10-nanometer technology FinFET, but less energy at a cost less than the cost of 16-nanometer FinFET. The superiority of modern technology FinFET in performance is 15%, the gain in energy consumption — 50%.

According to Globalfoundries, 12FDX sets a new standard in system integration by allowing you to combine in a single chip RF circuit blocks analog signal processing, built-in memory and complex logic circuits. Dignity 12FDX is the industry’s broadest range of supply voltages and the ability to programmatically configure the parameters of the transistors, allowing to obtain maximum performance while maintaining high energy efficiency.

The development of technology 12FDX preparing the Dresden Globalfoundries Fab 1 factory. Transmission in the first production orders scheduled for the first half of 2019.

Source: Globalfoundries



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