GlobalFoundries has promised the first 7-nanometer products in the beginning of 2018

Not a secret that GlobalFoundries has decided to skip the 10-nanometer process technology, to immediately begin production of semiconductor products according to the norms of 7 nm.

Now the official press release sheds light on the details on the new standards. So, GlobalFoundries promises twice the density of elements and a 30% higher performance compared with solutions created within the framework of technical processes 14 and 16 nm.

You will use familiar technology FinFet, but with the use of EUV lithography to the «key levels». This will speed up the transition process due to the reusability of the tools and equipment used for the production of 14-nanometer products.

7-nanometer products will be produced at the capacities of Fab 8, but for the transition to the new process technology GlobalFoundries will have to spend billions of dollars. The beginning of mass production scheduled for early 2018. Thus, in 2018, we can expect a 7-nanometer processors AMD.



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