Global spending on mobile solutions in 2021 made of 1.72 trillion dollars, analysts IDC

Global spending on mobile solutions this year will amount to 1.58 trillion dollars, an increase compared to the previous year by 4.3%. And in the next five years they will grow on average by 2.7%. This forecast gives analysts IDC. If they are right, this means that in 2021 this market will reach to 1.72 trillion dollars.

On the forecast accounts for approximately a quarter of the world’s spending on mobile solutions. In 2021 this market will be the largest, at nearly 392 billion. Mainland China is in second place with a projected figure of 337 billion dollars. Followed by Japan, Brazil and the UK.

It is noteworthy that dominant throughout the forecast period will be the consumer sector. On it every year, except the last, will account for more than 70% of the costs. The main items of expenditure of consumers, as smartphones and mobile connectivity.

In the corporate sector, spending on mobile solutions, banks and professional services providers. Followed by manufacturing and retail trade.



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