Gigabyte will sell the motherboard and graphics card under the brand name Aorus

According to the source, the brand name Aorus, which are now sold mice, keyboards and laptops in the next year will be expanded to include video cards and motherboards. Thus the company tries to strengthen its position in the niche accessories focused on the players and enthusiasts, and to impose greater competition of similar products Asus ROG and MSI Gaming.

In the description and packaging of motherboards and graphics cards Aorus, most likely, the parent company wouldn’t be, and the rights will be registered on the Aorus Pte. Ltd, it is de jure the owner of the brand.

The first motherboard Aorus will appear early next year, it will be based on chipset Intel 200 series. But the video card Aorus delayed until the new NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards of the highest level.

Source: DigiTimes



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