Gigabyte will bring together units that produce motherboards and 3D cards

On the first day of the following month the company Gigabyte Technology will start the reorganization, which should be merged divisions that produce motherboards and 3D cards. Interestingly, to head a new unit to be Vice President, now responsible for the work of the unit, which produces components for a gaming PC.

Although sales of motherboards in recent years has decreased (in 2015 it sold 17.1 million units, and in 2016 — 16.2 million), their average price rose significantly, since the manufacturer has increased the proportion of models of the middle and upper segment. Increased and the average price of 3D cards. At the same time, the sale of PC are reduced. Mainly, this is due to the decreasing demand in the Chinese market.

If we talk about the performance of the year in the first quarter, Gigabyte managed to sell only 3.5 million motherboards and 0.9 million 3D maps. Net profit for the year fell by more than 50%. In the second quarter, the situation worsened — system boards were shipped only 3 million units. The demand for 3D cards has increased due to interest in mining cryptocurrency, but this rise may be short-lived.



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