Gigabyte limited to two low-profile options GeForce GT 1030

His pair of graphics cards GeForce GT 1030 released and Gigabyte. Model called GT Low Profile 2G 1030 > 1030 Silent Low Profile 2G.

Both cards are made on the basis of the low-profile PCB, but the first got active and the second passive. Otherwise differences in 3D-card no. Both operate at frequencies 1252/1506 MHz for core (OC Mode) and 6000 MHz for the memory, both have DVI ports and HDMI.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that passive card takes up two expansion slots due to the high radiator. Recall that in the configuration 1030 includes GT GPU with 384 CUDA cores and 64-bit memory bus. The memory of all released cards up to 2 GB.

GeForce GT 1030


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