Gigabyte did not skimp on the cooling for the Radeon RX 560

The assortment of the company Gigabyte has also added a pair of Radeon RX 560: Radeon RX Gaming 2G OC 560 and 560 Radeon RX Gaming 4G OC, which differ only by memory.

GPUs cards overclocked in the factory. Mode OC Mode, the core frequency reaches 1300 MHz. Memory always operates at a frequency of 7000 MHz.

Card Gigabyte together with adapters Asus is the only Radeon RX 560, equipped with air-cooling with a couple fans. And in this case the cooler has one heat pipe, while most other manufacturers were limited to chillers are very compact heat sinks without heat pipes.

Gigabyte card length is 190 mm the Set consists of ports DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. To operate the accelerators require the connection of one six-pin power connector.

Radeon RX 560


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