Gigabyte decided to restrict ourselves to just two graphics cards Radeon RX 570

Unlike older cards, the Radeon 570 RX models in the Gigabyte range has appeared just two.

570 Radeon RX Gaming 4G is equipped with 4 GB of memory with a frequency of 7000 MHz and the core works at a frequency of 1255 MHz, but in Boost mode when activating the profile OC Mode.

The accelerator requires the connection of one eight-pin power connector. Located on the rear panel ports DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (x3). Responsible for the power one embodiment of the WindForce X2 cooler with three heat pipes and a pair of 90-millimeter fans. The power subsystem consists of seven phases. You can also note the backlight.

As for the model Aorus Radeon RX570 4G, it is larger, WITH its WindForce X2 already contains four heat pipes, and the maximum GPU frequency is 1295 MHz. Memory in this case works on a standard frequency 7000 MHz. The set of ports is identical to the previous version.

Radeon RX 570


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