German researchers showed that heat signature you can see the pin for a smartphone

Researchers from the universities of Stuttgart and Munich have demonstrated that the thermal footprint left on the touch screen of your smartphone after you enter information you can use to get the secret code or gesture to unlock it.

The experiments revealed that using imaging footprint, we can confidently assume even 30-45 seconds after the user has touched the screen. If the interval between the input and reading does not exceed 15 seconds, recognition accuracy was close to 90%.

Given the development and distribution of imaging, as well as the fact that the code input or gesture remains the most common method of unlocking, the authors of the study warn of the possible emergence of a new method of burglary protection.

The researchers propose several ways to protect from «heat attacks». In particular, make it difficult to break-in helps the use of codes of greater length and random arrangement of buttons each time you enter the code. On the other hand, it is possible to hide the traces if, immediately after you enter a few times to press his hand to the screen for a few seconds to turn the screen on at full brightness or run the application, the maximum load on the processor. This will heat the screen and eliminate the possibility of reading heat trace.

Source: Munich University of Ludwig Maximilian


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