German online shop LambdaTek confirms that the Intel Coffee Lake will not be much more expensive predecessors

Before the announcement of processors of Coffee Lake is less than a month and an increasing number of online stores offers now to make pre-orders.

Due to this possibility, provided by the German shop LambdaTek, we once again can confirm that Intel will not greatly raise the price of a new CPU.

So, Core i7-8700K now you can pre-order for 389 euros, while Core i7-7700K in the same store is estimated at 349 euros. 40 Euro — insignificant fee for the two additional cores. In the case of a pair of Core i7 and Core i7 8700-7700 Supplement even less. First you can pre-order for € 327, and the actual model sold for 313 euros.

CPU Core i5-8600K is 273 euros, Core i5-8400 — 192 euros, Core i3-8350K — 188 euros, and for the younger Core i3-8100 now asking for 123 euros. By the way, at the same time and this is another confirmation that models Core i3 will not have to wait until next year.

Such a pricing policy, if it still will not change to the announcement, one can only welcome but if it wasn’t a good AMD Ryzen, it is unlikely that we could count on such generosity from Intel.



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