General Motors has acquired Strobe, develop a compact lidar new generation

It is no secret that almost none of the prototype self-driving car is not without lidar — a device by which the machine «sees» the surrounding space defines the objects around and measures the distance to them.

Such systems are produced by many companies, but not all of them are the same. For example, sources report that General Motors company, through its subsidiaries, is Cruise Automation, acquired Strobe.

Strobe specializiruetsya on creating lidar implemented in a single chip. Of course, in this case we are talking about lidar, which is responsible for processing the data, and not for the entire device. In the photo below just sealed the prototype lidar Strobe.

Such a solution will, according to a representative of Cruise Automation, reduce the cost of the final lidar at 99% compared to existing solutions. In addition, the version Strobe more and more compact.

The amount of the transaction remains unknown. It is possible that the first real self-driving car General Motors will be equipped with this new generation lidar.



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