General Motors and Toyota asking the US government to increase the limit on the number of unmanned vehicles on country roads

According to the source, the automotive giants, General Motors and Toyota Motor turn to the US government with a request to change certain rules in order for the automakers had the ability to display country on the road more unmanned vehicles for testing.

It’s about the fact that the existing rules limit the number of such vehicles. More specifically, the United States Department of transportation may exempt from compliance with certain rules only 2500 cars for one year. Some politicians are already preparing a bill that will increase this limit.
Judging by the fact that the companies are only now talking about increasing that limit, it either has been exhausted or is about to end.

Automakers believe that without this step, it may take years before they will begin to introduce appropriate technologies that, among other things, should reduce the number of accidents, and therefore save more lives.



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