General Motors and Honda will build a factory for the production of hydrogen fuel cells for cars

At this moment a serial consumer of hydrogen cars in the world there are only a few models. In comparison with electric cars, the growth rate of this market is very small and it is unclear what the future holds for such vehicles.

However, this does not prevent companies to plan and develop the direction. According to sources, automakers General Motors (GM) and Honda are going to work together to build the plant, which will produce hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles of these companies.

Joint venture Fuel Cell System Manufacturing will be located in the city brownstone (Michigan), where will be built a factory. She will begin work in 2020. Each of the partners will invest $ 85 million in this project.

It should be noted that in the line of Honda already has a hydrogen model Clarity FCV and GM, and all received a contract from the US Navy for the supply of power units based on fuel cells.

Also earlier in January, 13 companies joined the consortium Hydrogen Council, which will deal with research applications of hydrogen as an energy source, including in the automotive segment. Members of the consortium steel Toyota, Daimler, BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Linde, Shell, Anglo American, Total and Engie.



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