Gene Munster believes that the headphones AirPods will ultimately bring Apple more revenue than Apple watch

AirPods wireless headphones currently sell for $ 159 and the smart watch Apple Watch, which appeared on the market before, are offered in a wide range from 269 to 1499 dollars.

But analysts Gene Munster believe that eventually Apple will work on AirPods more than the Apple Watch. We are talking about a span of 10 years.

According to analysts, during this time, AirPods significantly evolyutsioniruet and become out of the ordinary Bluetooth headphones in much more complex and perfect audio device. The Apple Watch and the AirPods will continue to improve their position, but by 2022 they will be equal in terms of income. And by 2027, the total sales revenue line of AirPods will exceed the income from the Apple Watch.

I should add that Apple does not publish data on sales of AirPods and Apple Watch in their quarterly reports, bringing income into the category «other products» which also includes the iPod, Apple TV, Beats headphones and accessories.



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