Gel Polish on short nails: trendy nail art 2018

To create a trendy manicure is not necessarily to grow long nails or upgraded with the help of gel. To emphasize the grace of your fingers, it is enough to use gel Polish that looks amazing on short nails.

Gel Polish – new, modern nail design, which has gained unprecedented popularity among girls. A unique combination of insoluble gel and regular Polish allowed to create a mega-resistant coating for nails.

Gel Polish has a lot of advantages over conventional varnish:

  • the gel Polish lasts on nails from 2 to 4 weeks
  • the glossy sheen of the varnish is stored for a long time
  • the composition of the gel Polish does not contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, which is enough in conventional varnishes
  • gel Polish – universal coverage to create dimensional designs with rhinestones, polonkai, velvet design

To create a manicure with gel nail Polish UV lamp needed, under the influence of which the gel will be stronger to hold on to the nail plate and faster it will harden. The approximate value of the led lamp ranges from 1-2 thousand.

Fashion ideas nail design for short nails 2018

Each season brings nail design new ideas that quickly come to marigolds fashionistas. The main tendency, dominant in nail design for several years, is the maximum natural.

Trend 2018 – oval and almond-shaped nails. Simple relaxed shape of nails will allow you to create gentle and natural manicure gel Polish.

In the past square and pointy ends in fashion modest long nails 1-2 mm from the free edge of the nail.

The pursuit of naturalness is also expressed in the choice of colors for nail design. In fashion pastel colors, the right combination which looks noble and elegant.

In 2018 will be popular geometric and animal prints on nails that echo the natural color of the animal.

Decorative elements on short nails will be present more often in the summer, or wedding manicure.


But here you need to know measure – shiny rhinestones, stones, three-dimensional 3-D modeling should be at the minimum level.

Her favorite color solutions 2018 – pastels in various shades. It can be delicate barely perceptible shades, like diluted with water or more saturated and bright.

The most popular salmon, turquoise, lilac, sand color, lavender and violet hues. Can not do without the beige and cream colors that can serve as a basis for complex nail design.

Fashionable French gel Polish 2018

French manicure – guarded nail design. In 2018 a usual French will become the new faces that will affect the marigolds in the form of unusual combinations of colors and designs.

New French manicure 2018 – combined with other types of nail design.

For example, apply separate marigolds usual French wells, and the rest adorn the lunar manicure.

Harmonious and sleek look of a French manicure in combination with the technique of «broken glass».

Create a smooth transition from the hole to the base color with Ombre. Combining close in color tone, for example, going from beige to white, you get a stunning and unique design.

Particular attention to color strips French manicure. The priority black and white, silver, gold and mirrored stripes.

Lunar design gel Polish 2018

The main advantage of gel Polish is the ability to create a variety of designs that look harmonious with any outfit, and are appropriate in all situations.

The moon manicure with a gel Polish just the design that looks perfect on short nails.

Classic lunar manicure is very similar to French, but in the lunar manicure, emphasis is on the basal of the hole.

If you want to diversify and refresh the soft colours and the lines of moon manicure, the best place to do this is basal hole.

It is possible to distinguish a contrasting color, make a hole of an unusual shape – triangular, offset, or decorate a basal space of rhinestones or polonkai.

Lunar nail design gel Polish appropriate for office work and for a romantic rendezvous or a fun party with friends.

Gradient manicure on short nails 2018

Ombre is so popular among fashionistas that applies not only in fashion but also in hair coloring, nail design and even interior design.

The term Ombre is translated as «having a shadow». It is the presence of a smooth transition (shadows) from one color to another allows you to create stunning combinations of similar or contrasting colours on one nail.

Use gel Polish to create the Ombre manicure is very popular in 2018. This is a new approach and previously unknown technique attracts harmony smooth transition. The result of this experiment, you undoubtedly impress.

Classic Ombre assumes a horizontal transition between colors, but more often fashionistas use vertical Ombre.

The vertical transport of hues can be performed on one finger, and create a whole composition where the transition is performed on all the fingers of the hand.

Take a look at an example of a vertical Ombre and you will understand how unusual and new looks this technique on nails.

Choosing the colors for the Ombre manicure gel Polish don’t forget about the main trend 2018 – natural natural color. Use pink shades, soft beige, soft pearl tone.

Actual prints for manicure gel Polish 2018

Small marigold is not a reason to abandon an interesting and vivid prints that are particularly relevant for summer manicure.

There is a misconception that the ideal form of a gel Polish is achieved only with a solid uniform application. Nobody forbids to register their nails ultra-resistant gel Polish with colorful drawings.

Follow a few recommendations when choosing designs for short nails:

  • decorative elements should not be large
  • also, avoid too small parts that, together with the short nails will not be visible in the overall design

Most often, ladies choose drawings of flowers, hearts, insects, fruit, geometric patterns, lace.

Beautiful and well-groomed nails – the calling card of every woman. It is on of your pens as the most important component of the feminine image, pay attention to the surrounding.

Gel Polish is a unique achievement of the nail design which will be popular for many more seasons, bringing each of them is interesting and unusual ideas. Follow the latest trends of nail design gel Polish on our website and post in the comments their own unique ideas for short nails

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