GekkoGum — perhaps the most unusual mount for GoPro camera or smartphone

On the website Kickstarter has been successfully fundraising on the issue, perhaps the most unusual mount for GoPro camera or smartphone. The new product is called GekkoGum. According to the authors of the project, GekkoGum allows you to fasten electronic devices weighing up to 200 g on a variety of surfaces. In fact, GekkoGum is a portion of a sticky mass, which can stick, for example, the camera on a skateboard or a smartphone on the railing of the stairs.

Mass doesn’t smell, leaves no residue and does not stick to hands. If necessary it can be cleaned of debris under running warm water. Allegedly, it retains its quality for many years.

The first participants of the campaign could reserve the GekkoGum for 11 euros. Now the minimum lot size is 15 euros. Set a goal to collect at least 2,500 euros, the organizers have already collected 15,000 euros. The fundraiser will continue for another six days, and the shipment GekkoGum to begin in January 2017.

Source: Kickstarter


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