GeIL complements Shuttle SSD size M. 2 flash memory NAND of two types

GeIL company offers solid state drives for several years, but until recently, the four lines were presented exclusively on the classic size of 2.5 inches. On the exhibition Computex 2017 the company has finally brought the SSD size M. 2 – they form a new series of Shuttle.

GeIL from the rich tradition of the production of memory modules with radiators (and there is even air cooling system RAM called Cyclone 3), so there is nothing surprising in the fact that members of the line Shuttle is also equipped with radiators. However, the cooling system is just too compact, you cannot call a radiator is given up appreciably.

SSDS are characterized by a length of 80 mm and work through the PCI-Express interface. Interestingly, the drives will be offered in two variants: with memory MLC 3D NAND (symbol G2 in the name) and 3D TLC NAND memory (respectively, G1). The controller in both cases — Silicon Motion SM2260, so that the Protocol NVMe 1.2 supported.

According to the source, the drive will be able to demonstrate the following speed sequential read and write: 2000 and 1000 MB/s, respectively.

Source: Techpowerup



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