GE wants $ 1.4 billion to buy the company and SLM, Arcam, promoting the 3D printing technology metals

General Electric (GE) expects to buy two leading manufacturers of equipment for 3D printing. Unlike the consumer 3D printers that use materials of plastics, the equipment of the Swedish company Arcam and SLM Solutions, a German designed for printing metals. In total, GE is going to spend on the purchase of $ 1.4 billion.

The 3D printing technology, the implementation of which began with devices designed for rapid prototyping, gradually comes to production, allowing us to produce parts of complex shape that are in demand in small quantities. In particular, as such, it has found application in the aircraft industry. For example, the industrial company GE uses 3D printing to manufacture fuel nozzles for the new LEAP jet engine.

The development of a new field to GE began with the acquisition in 2012 of Morris Technologies, specializing in industrial 3D printing. Branch was considered to be promising: in GE predicts that by 2020 it will generate $ 1 billion annually.

The company Arcam and SLM Solutions complement each other, offering equipment that uses different energy sources in the printing units. From Arcam is the flow of electrons, in the case of SLM Solutions — laser beam. Equipment European manufacturers mainly buy companies operating in the aviation industry and medicine. One of the wins technology of 3D printing compared with traditional Metalworking is the almost complete absence of waste.

Source: Reuters


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