Garmin Vivosport — activity tracker in the form of a bracelet fitted with heart rate sensor and GPS module

Another new Garmin at IFA 2017 was the activity tracker Vivosport. It is made in the same design as the bracelets collections Vivosmart and Vivofit.

In the new tracker Garmin fit not just the brand the heart rate sensor, called Elevate, but the GPS module. As elders, this device is able not only to track heart rate, but also to determine the rate of maximum oxygen consumption. Among other skills innovations is the ability to determine the heart rate variability, count the steps and calories to determine the level of stress, to track different kinds of activity and so on.

The device is protected from water (he can swim), but also the range of up to seven days. When the active module GPS tracker can work continuously for up to eight hours.

On the body there is a small color transreflective display size 9.7 x 19.3 mm with a resolution of 72 x 144 pixels. Vivosport dimensions (excluding length of strap) $ 21 x 10.9 mm. Weight — 24,1-27 g (different depending on the length of the strap). The device is available in four color options and is valued at $ 200.

IFA 2017


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