Garmin Vivoactive smart watch 3 first received the support of payment service Pay Garmin

The latest innovation in Garmin IFA 2017 became Vivoactive smart watch 3. However, from the point of view of importance, perhaps this device is the most important of the three for the manufacturer.

The fact that 3 Vivoactive appeared first on support payment system Pay Garmin. Details about it are scarce. It is known that she uses the platform FitPay based on the use of NFC sensor, works with Visa and MasterCard cards and supports cards of «the largest issuing banks», a list of which is expanding «every day». Unfortunately, Garmin does not specify what banks in what countries is it already working and with whom will sign a cooperation in the near future.

From the point of view of skills, it is quite «advanced» model Garmin. It allows you to install additional widgets from the store of Garmin Connect IQ that will allow to empower the device. Of course, the watch can track various activity, to announce events on your smartphone to track heart rate, to determine the rate of maximum oxygen consumption, heart rate variability, stress levels and so on.

Have a watch and a GPS module. With its continuous work autonomy is 13 hours. In normal mode it reaches seven days. The novelty is protected from water according to 5 ATM and equipped with a continuously active transreflective screen Garmin Chroma with a diameter of 1.2 inches and a resolution 240 x 240 pixels.

Dimensions are 43,4 x 43,4 x 11.7 mm and weight is 43 g. the Cost varies from 300 to 330 dollars depending on performance.

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