Garmin Speak — a very compact device with integrated voice assistant Alexa

Garmin has unveiled its new product called Speak. This compact device for motorists, which represents a hybrid of Pathfinder and smart assistant.

As you can see, for many, a replacement for the Navigator new be can not, because the display device has a diagonal of just 0.78 inches at a resolution of 144 x 64 pixels (panel OLED).

But in addition to navigation and can Speak much more, as it integrated voice assistant Alexa, and so his possibilities is very wide. That is, the device can tell you news, weather, answer questions, place an order for any product in any store and so on. In addition, through Speak, you can remotely manage smart home systems. For example, to include a kettle or coffee maker 10 minutes before arriving home.

Unfortunately, the battery of the novelty, no Garmin, so it will have to connect via cable. The device will cost $ 150.



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