Gaming peripherals HP Omen based on the SteelSeries

In addition to laptop and desktop PCs, HP introduced the curved gaming monitor Omen X Curved Display. Unfortunately, the novelty is almost unknown. Device supports the technology Nvidia G-Sync and will be available early next year. But this is what he said about the monitor HP.

On the periphery know more. It was created together with SteelSeries. Among the novelties there are mouse Mouse Omen, the Omen Mat Pad, keyboard, Keyboard and headset Omen Omen Headset.

In all cases, talking about production models SteelSeries, and the differences lie only in the external performance. To create HP used 300 Rival mouse, Apex keyboard 350 and Siberia headset 200. HP is asking for their new $80 (Omen Headset), $100 (Omen Keyboard), $60 (Omen Mouse) and $20 (Omen Pad).



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