Gaming PC Asus Strix GD30 will allow you to diversify your appearance

Asus introduced a gaming PC GD30, part of a line of Strix. The novelty is dressed in a body with applied removable front panels black and white colors, different combinations of which allow you to create up to six options for the external design. Moreover, the manufacturer provides the file with the drawings of the front panel, on which you can draw it yourself. Side viewing window has a metallic cell cover, reducing the level of unwanted electromagnetic radiation. Also on the side bar is extendable mount for headphone.

PC Asus Strix GD30 based on CPU Intel Core i5-or i7 processor 7400-7700, but with the video accelerator, the company offers greater choice ranging from the almost flagship GeForce GTX 1080 to a modest GTX 1050. Motherboard on chipset Intel H270 received the illumination of the five LEDs over the slot for the graphics card, they are integrated into the proprietary lighting control system Asus Aura. The amount of RAM DDR4-2400 is from 8 to 32 GB.

In addition to the four PCI-e x1 slot there are two PCI-e x16 slot and two M. 2 with support for drives with the NVMe Protocol, in addition to the usual ports of SATA 6 GB/s in the amount of four pieces. In General, the case of Asus Strix GD30 allows you to install up to six HDD (3.5 inch) SSD (2.5 inch), five fans, one full sized optical drive and even ITS. Note the presence of Wi-Fi adapter 802.11 ac and insulated compartment for the power supply, power shall be 300, 500 or 700 watts.



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