Gaming mouse Sharkoon Skiller SGM1 RGB allows you to change the weight thanks gruzinam

On the exhibition Computex 2016 the latter brought gaming mouse Skiller SGM1. But only now the paddle has become available for purchase.

For a few months until the device has reached the shelves, his name is somewhat lengthened, and the mouse is now called Skiller SGM1 RGB, which indicates the presence of illumination. In the heart device is an optical sensor PixArt PMW3336 resolution 10 800 pixels per inch. He is able to process data at acceleration up to 30 g and speeds of up to 3.8 m/s.

The manipulator allows to change the weight within 106-130 g with the ability to install up to six clip-on wheel weights with a mass of 4 g each. In the main buttons use Omron switches with a declared resource of 10 million clicks. All mouse 12 buttons. You can save up to six profiles.

Dimensions of new items is 122 x 82 x 42 mm. Is Skiller SGM1 RGB 40 euros.



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