Gaming laptop the Razer Blade Pro can now be bought for 1,500 dollars cheaper

The Razer Blade Pro is the most expensive in the range of the manufacturer. The model introduced a year ago, there were updates in March. Then the new CPU Intel Core i7-7820HK.

For IFA 2017 Razer has decided to release a new revision of this notebook. There are two basic differences: a Full HD display (120 Hz) is 4K UHD and the GeForce GTX 1060 GTX instead of 1080. This automatically made the new version for 1500 dollars cheaper.

But the Junior model has other differences that affect price. First, instead of the Core i7-7820HK then set a Core i7-7700HQ. Second, the amount of RAM reduced from 16 to 32 GB. But both of these games are unlikely to really affect performance. But the reduction in storage already for someone can be critical. The new installed HDD capacity 2 TB and SSD capacity of 256 GB.

Unfortunately, impressive even by the standards of gaming laptops, the battery capacity of 99 WH have replaced battery with a capacity of 70 W·h Set of ports and dimensions, of course, remained unchanged, although the weight has decreased from 3.49 to 3.07 kg.

As a result, for this laptop asking $ 2,300, while the older model will cost 3800 dollars. In General, this version is also perfect for games, and savings is highly significant even for this class.

IFA 2017


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