Gaming headset Asus ROG Centurion has 10 speakers and docking station with amplifier

Centurion gaming headset ROG Asus has shown at Computex 2016. But, as often happens in such cases, it took several months before the device reached the shelves.

So, ROG Centurion headset, is able to reproduce sound in 7.1 format. But in this case we cannot say that the whole «channeling» is emulated only in software. The fact that each ear Cup contains five emitters. Asus actually calls its new product the first true eight-channel headset.

Moreover, complete headset comes with a special docking station, acting as the remote control and amplifier. In this case, a solution ESS 9601, which should provide better sound quality.

Headset microphone, as claimed by the manufacturer, is able to reject up to 90% of extraneous noise. As for headphones, they claimed frequency range 20-20, 000 Hz and impedance is 32 Ohms. Connect the whole bunch to a USB port. The headset weighs 450 g, what to consider before purchasing. Unfortunately, the cost of new items is still unknown.



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