Game Radeon RX Vega will show in the end of the month, but it is not known when it will be available

The day before yesterday, AMD introduced professional graphics accelerator Radeon Vega Frontier Edition based on a full-featured GPU Vega 10. The same graphics processor needs to receive and flagship gaming graphics card, but previously did not have accurate data on whether there is active all 4096 stream processors.

If you focus on statements Coduri Raja (Raja Koduri), who heads the Radeon Technologies Group, we can assume that the game version of Vega will also get «full» GPU of the new generation.

At least Koduri said that the game version will be «much better optimized for all games and will be even faster Frontier Edition». It is clear that in this case it is about optimization for certain applications, but hardly game flagman can be ahead of Frontier limited Edition GPU.

In addition, Kaduri confirmed that the flagship gaming graphics card, which he called Radeon RX Vega, will be first shown at Computex, which kicks off may 30. However, in the sale immediately after the announcement, the device will not appear. Latest rumors claim that the card can only be bought in the third quarter. Coduri only said that the delays are mainly related to the production of memory HBM2.

Also the head Radeon Technologies Group said that the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition WITH liquid will work at higher frequencies than the version with the air cooler.



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