Game Pokemon Go can disrupt GPS smartphone

It is no secret that the games because of the constant activity screen and GPS module very quickly consumes the battery power of smartphones. Many companies quickly realized that this is another way to earn money and has released a variety of themed cases with batteries and other accessories.

It turns out that the use of a game module GPS leads not only to a decrease of autonomy. As noted by one Reddit user, sometimes Pokemon Go may hinder adequate operation of the system of geolocation.

In the image below you can see screenshots of the app Map My Run. The user that found the problem, twice passed by the same route, but the first time off the game, and the second time Pokemon Go was in standby mode, that is simply minimized.

Despite this, as you can see, the game is very strongly influenced by the work of the GPS by twisting the route and reducing its duration by 35%.

The problem was discovered on the Nexus 5 smartphone, but the user has not yet managed to reproduce it on some other device. Perhaps the problem manifests itself very rarely, but still need to take this into account.


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