Gallery of the day: study the anatomy 3D-card MSI GeForce GTX Ti Gaming X 1080

Source has published a series of 3D-card MSI GeForce GTX Ti Gaming X 1080, the first images which appeared last week.

New illustrations give insight not only on appearance but also on his device.

In particular, it is possible to consider a proprietary cooling system TwinFrozr VI.

The design of the cooler has five heat pipes, removing heat from the GPU to the two radiator units. One of the tubes is markedly thicker than the other.

The radiators are blown by two large fans. In General, the size of the cooling system such that the computer case MSI GeForce GTX Ti Gaming X 1080 occupies more than two expansion slots.

On the back side of the PCB metal plate that helps to evenly distribute thermal and mechanical loads.

Plate decorated with the image of the brand of MSI’s dragon.

The card is equipped with two eight-pin connectors for additional power supply PCIe.

At the upper edge of the printed circuit Board formed connectors SLI.

About the frequency, price and start of sales of the 3D map data yet.

Source: Techpowerup



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