Futuresource Consulting believes that flexible displays will eventually become unbreakable

Research company Futuresource Consulting believes that within five years, the market for flexible displays is estimated at $ 200 billion, and in ten years it will grow to $ 300 billion.

Similar displays in the coming years will start using the smartphone manufacturers that unfolding will turn into tablets. Analysts also believe that the technology will find application in display panels and TVs that can be curved for a more accurate display of information in a variety of conditions.

Futuresource Consulting believes that flexible displays will hit the market in a year or two. The device in which they are applied, will allow multiple displays to bend or fold them, without causing any harm. Surely the developers will come up with new use cases for smartphones and tablets in addition to the familiar.

In the future, flexible displays will receive a number of new functional features, in particular, they are unbreakable, say the analysts, adding that by 2026, more than a quarter of new smartphones will be equipped with such screens.



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