Functionality of Android Auto is now available to all motorists with smartphones

At the moment, the Android Auto functionality added more than 200 models of cars from 50 different manufacturers. The developers regularly release updates, expanding the list of compatible models.

However, the majority of people who drive old cars and don’t want to install a modern head units, deprived of the opportunity to use Android Auto. For this audience, Google introduced the ability to use the capabilities of Android Auto using a smartphone with Android operating system (5.0 or newer). To utilize the vehicle’s audio system, you can use Bluetooth or AUX. In the first case, the application will automatically start when you connect your smartphone.

With Android Auto you can use the Navigator via Google Maps, make calls, manage messages and music player as little as possible distracted from the road.

The developers promise to soon release an update that will improve the performance of voice recognition systems voice commands in different languages.



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