Function Singularity Remix in Remix OS for Mobile will allow you to connect your smartphone to the monitor and get a full desktop

About Remix OS we wrote more than once. This redesigned version of the Android OS designed for PC. It has a traditional desktop operating system support running ON Windows, and so on.

From the time when the first device with Remix OS has gained a certain popularity, the guys from Jide Technology is constantly developing his brainchild. And here it became known that they are working on a Remix version of the OS for mobile devices.

It will be based on Android 6.0 and distinctive feature will be the function of Singularity Remix. It is similar to Microsoft Continuum. That is, the function allows you to connect your smartphone to the monitor and to the desktop operating system. In this case — the Remix OS. In contrast to the same Continuum, mobile, and desktop modes are no different in their capabilities, not considering, of course, those features that are due to the hardware features of the smartphone. Moreover, there is also a simplified interface that focuses on the use of the device in conjunction with TV. This was claimed for set-top boxes Remix IO.

Such opportunities long ago, and excite the minds of different manufacturers, but none have been able to make such a function of mass, although the potential of this method of application of the smartphone is huge, because most now the PC does not need anything other than a browser. So why do we need a computer if you can come home, plug the smartphone to the monitor, mouse and keyboard, and use all you need?

Jide Technology is not yet ready to call the time of occurrence of the Remix OS for Mobile, and partners who will undertake to promote this system, because without them it is meaningless.

Remix OS


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