Fully wireless headphones Philips Bass+ True Wireless Headphones be easier for most competitors

Reaffirming the fact that a fully wireless headphone will soon become a new trend, Philips showed at IFA its 2017 model called Bass+ True Wireless Headphones.

Let’s start with the fact that the device costs $ 130. That is, it is cheaper than most similar offerings on the market, and probably the cheapest.
It should also be noted that the model larger than many others. The company believes that the reduction of the emitters has a bad effect on sound quality, so that your device uses emitters with a diameter of 8.2 mm. According to the manufacturer, it should provide the best quality of low frequencies. In particular, in the specification range specified in 9-21000 Hz.

Journalists present at the IFA 2017, confirmed the presence of significantly more vivid bass and high quality audio in General. Philips promises up to six hours of battery life, which is better than many similar solutions. Charging case features a rechargeable battery that will last for one full charge the headphones.

Size headphones are 23.1 x 16.1 x 16 mm and weight 12 g.

IFA 2017


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