Fully frameless smartphone Huawei will get a graphene battery, but will lose both cameras and the other usual items

In early November, a well-known Chinese analyst pan Sutan (Pan Jiutang) stated that Huawei plans to introduce a powerful flagship smartphone that will receive the Samsung display, curved on all four sides, and various sensors for the new system of artificial intelligence.

Now we have new information about the device, provided that the publication Gizmochina trusted source. First of all, an employee of Watt Laboratory, which belongs to Huawei, said the new battery with the introduction of graphene has already passed all the necessary stages for commercialization and will debut in this phone. Pan Sutan also claims that the device will differ extremely fast charging.

The source says that the screen smartphone will occupy the entire front panel, any part will not. In addition, the device is not equipped with any front or main camera, no fingerprint sensor. Visible capacitive buttons and speakers, headphone Jack and the other usual elements, he will not be. Presumably, the smartphone will be released a series of accessories which will include smart bracelet, external camera and even a implant implanted in the body. Peripheral devices must be performed by third party companies.

The smartphone will be available in late December.



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